which is intended to the training of Master Fashion Designer
To all lovers of fashion who want to become a competent and recognized professional in the world of fashion

When Will the Master Fashion Lab school start training Master Fashion Designer?
The school opening is planned for early October 2016

If one begins with the formula per module can then change for the progressive formula?
Yes it must be reported to the school administrator who will modify the contract allowing access to progressive modules.

her training is limited in time?

No, this training has no limits in time, the student is at their own pace, whatever its rate of progression.

Master Fashion Lab will provide such other training levels?
Yes it is expected additional modules and additional specific training.

Masterfashionlab such will offer other languages in addition to English language as French and Italian?
Yes depending on the country of entrants, Masterfashionlab extend the languages of its formations.


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 Opening of the school (September 2016)

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