SERENA DONIGAGLIA DIGIACOMO is a Fashion designer and cool hunter, specialized in the ready-to-wear woman and specialist in Hosiery.    
She/it worked in Italy, France and To the United States while achieving Collections for varied Factories and Marks of the Fashion system.    
Titular of the mark
Serena Digiacomo since different years he/it takes care of Ethical Fashion while preferring small productions achieved with the material echo or retraining and artisanal works.    
How cool hunter him and dedicated to research in social domain, while achieving Events and Exhibitions, concerning the feminine condition in the Western society and the narrow report between Fashion and Stereotypes. About this one he/it published different articles while collaborating with the Magazine and on line Dailies.    
She/it achieved a currently “Collection Capsules” achieved with natural materials collected to the hand, personalizzabili and recyclable.    
She/it takes care of Professional Formation besides through Conferences and Lessons of orientation in the Schools of Arte/Moda.

• Directeur of the Electronix society.  
• Chief of project and formative to the town hall of Paris.  
• Loaded di missione informaticque to the Town hall of Paris.  
• Directeur of Perspective - Fashion and creator of all his/her/its software  
 Creator of the school of Fashion Masterfashionlab with for partner SerenaD directice in charge of the formation MASTER FASHION DESIGNER program..



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Administrateur réseau

Fiche de poste :
Charger du maintien de tous les services réseaux.
Veille informatique, cyber attaque et autres dysfonctionnement.
Mise à jour des différentes fonctionnalités liées au programme de formation.
Responsable des sauvegardes et restauration des données étudiants.
Correspondant informatique auprès des étudiants inscrits.
Rapporteur auprès des différents services de l’école MASTERFASHIONLAB
Chargé de toute la correspondance auprès des internautes.
Chargé des remontées statistique sur les 22 pays de diffusion.